Chairman Irving W. Wilson, Jr.
(202) 232-4294

Deacon Jack Sykes, Vice Chairman
(202) 232-4294

The Deacons’ Ministry assists the Pastor in promoting and advancing the general welfare of the church body. The Ministry helps with serving the Holy Communion at the church and serves Communion to the sick and shut-ins in their homes, hospitals, and nursing and rehabilitation facilities. They actively participate in the Bible study, prayer meetings and assist with the Baptism of candidates. In addition, they provide assistance to the needy, sick and bereaved families of the church. The Ministry is also responsible for doing the following duties, as well: building Christian fellowship among the church membership; being watchful guardians of the purity and good order of the church; counseling with the Pastor; taking appropriate steps to cure and promote improvement in the interest of the church; supervising and administering the church’s benevolence program, including contributions to charities, as the Pastor and/or church may designate, and making a report to the church as requested; and performing a serving in other areas of need as the Pastor and or church deem necessary.

Deacon McNeal Anderson
Deacon James Stieff
Deacon Jack

Deacon Glenn Chester

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