By Prayer and Supplication with Thanksgiving

Philippians 4:6

Here at Salem Baptist Church we believe and know that Jesus Christ is God’s only Son and He and only He is Lord of all. We also believe that we are a church that honor the presence of the Holy Spirit, not only in worship but also in our lives as well.

Under the leadership of our pastor Reverend Alonzo David Hart, Jr., we are under a fivefold ministry:

1. The Preached Word
2. Prayer
3. Discipleship through study
4. Relationship
5. Evangelism

Our pastor believes that these are essential for our Spiritual wellness.

1. The Preached Word…Our pastor teaches that lives can be changed through the Word of God. He believes that all you need is obtained through the hearing, receiving, and believing in the Word of God.

2. Prayer…We believe that prayer is our first response, rather than our last resort. It is through prayer that we can intercede for those who are in the hospitals, our families and acquaintances. Our church is in prayer at 8am every Sunday with Deacon Allen Newbill and at 6pm every Tuesday with Deacon Irving W. Wilson, Jr.

3. Discipleship through Study…In order to grow in this Christian walk, we need to study God’s Word. We have three studies that you can chose from, Sunday School @9am, Tuesday Night Church in Study @7pm and Wednesday morning Silver Strands Bible Study @10:30am. Choose a study that fits your schedule.

4. Relationship…We believe if you hear the preached word, become a prayer partner, and a disciple though the study of God’s Word. Then you can have a working relationship with the Lord. And if you have a relationship with Him, you then will show your love for Him. And if you love Him you will love His Word and His Church.

5. Evangelism…The Bible teaches us to go out into all the world and make disciples of men (Matthew 28:19). That is our primary goal to go out into the lost and present Christ as Lord and Savior. This ministry like many others is willing to go out and spread the gospel unto all men, so that the Church, (the body of baptized believers) will have a future that will advance the Word of God into future generations.